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Creep Feed Fact Sheet <-- CLICK HERE

Creep Feed Program

Come by to talk to us about Creep feed, weaning rations, or any other nutritional needs you have for your cattle operation. Our Creep feeders, bulk bins, and new metal bunks are in! Drop in and take a peek. MFE carries a full line of swine feed, cattle feed, poultry feeds, and we can get in a horse feed that will fit your program! 
Feed Prices
3 Way Cattle (per Ton) $280
5 Way Cattle (per Ton) $295
14% MFE Creep Feed (per Ton)  $290
MFE Chicken 50lb Bag $9.20
MFE 16% Feeder Pig 50lbs Bag  $9.65
MFE 3-way Cattle 50lbs Bag $9.40
*Feed prices are subject to change with fluctuations in the markets.
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