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  DTN Weekly DDG Prices Slightly Lower on Average
  McCarthy Rejects Senate Spending Bill 09/29 06:17
  Biden Offers Dire Warnings About Trump 09/29 06:31
  EU Mediterranean Leaders Meet in Malta 09/29 06:11
  Dem Rising Starts Rally Around Biden 09/29 06:27
  NSA Starting AI Security Center 09/29 06:30
  Trump Won't Try to Move GA Trial 09/29 06:15
  Admin Rolls Out Work Training Guide 09/29 06:20
  Financial Markets 09/29 16:38
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@C3Z 476'0 -11'6
@S3X 1275'0 -25'4
@W3Z 540'4 -37'2
@O3Z 434'2 -12'0
MSFT 315.7500 2.1100
WMT 159.9300 - 2.6100
XOM 117.5800 - 1.8900

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